Strategic Plan

A strategic planning committee appointed by Past President Mike Booth, first met in January 2018 to develop TWCA's official strategic plan. The vision, mission, goals and strategies for the association were developed during the strategic planning process. The board adopted the strategic plan created by the committee during the 2019 TWCA Fall Conference in San Antonio. 

Committee Chair: Dan Buhman
Strategic Planning Committee Members: Carolyn Ahrens, Fiona Allen, Mike Booth, Bob Brandes, Don Carona, Lyn Clancy, Ty Embrey, Jace Houston, James Kowis, *Wayne Owen, Randy Palachek, Tom Ray, *Emily Rogers, Drew Satterwhite, Howard Slobodin, Lori Traweek, Alia Vinson, Kevin Ward, *Hope Wells, and Greg Womack.

* Indicates chairpersons of the subcommittees.