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Federal Affairs

Based on a survey of TWCA members, the following are TWCA’s top federal water issues. TWCA's federal positions are based on a set of overarching principles that guide our outreach on federal water resources legislation and policy:

1) State Primacy over Water Resources

2) Clear, Consistent, Predictable, and Economical Federal Regulation

3) Partnership and Shared Investment in Federal Policy Development and Initiatives

4) Science, Transparency, and Public Participation

5) Intergovernmental Coordination with States, Tribes, and Local Project Sponsors

See TWCA's 2023 Federal Priorities Executive Summary.

U.S. Geological Survey 
Issue Paper
Invasive Species
Issue Paper
Invasive Species
U.S. Bureau of Reclamation
Issue Paper
Conservation Rebates
Issue Paper
Endangered Species
Issue Paper

Comment Letter

ESA Definition of Habitat (Sept. 2020)

Safe Drinking Water Act
Issue Paper
Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS)

Comment Letter
Water Quality Regulations (May 2017)

U.S.A.C.E. Comment Letters

Nationwide Permits
Proposal to Reissue and Modify Permits (Nov. 2020)
Proposed Texas Regional Conditions (Nov. 2020)

Proposed Regional Condition to NWP 12 (Sept. 2017)

Regulatory Reform (Oct. 2017)

Proposed Water Supply Rule (Aug. 2017)

Proposed Water Supply Rule (May 2017)

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